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Leadership 101: 5 Things Effective Spiritual Leaders Do

 —  April 17, 2012 — 2 Comments

1. Pray.  A spiritual leader always seeks to follow first.  She/he seeks wisdom and direction from God and then leads others toward those ends.  If leaders aren’t following first, they may be leading people, but it’s likely not spiritually.

2. Disciple.  Spiritual leaders help others learn about and from Jesus.  They provide practical wisdom or insights from their own life experience, but they try and point back to the character and person of Jesus as they do so.

3. Serve.  Spiritual leaders serve among those they lead.  They don’t view themselves as being above doing certain things but instead often lead by example and do things others won’t.

4. Open Up.  Effective spiritual leaders understand that people are longing for practical insights into how to live out their faith…so they give people that through opening up their marriages, finances, usage of time, etc.

5. Give.  Spiritual leaders create space for themselves, but they don’t separate their life from their ministry.  They have a life focused on consistently giving to others and they serve with their families.  They don’t “clock in” and then “clock out.”

2 responses to Leadership 101: 5 Things Effective Spiritual Leaders Do

  1. The last one is the biggest challenge for me, especially given a wife with health limitations. How to balance creating space and never clocking out?

    • brian, thanks for your thought. i would suggest that you serving and loving your wife is part of your ministry now, today…and the more you can expose others to the love you have and are showing toward your wife, the more effective of a leader you can be!

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