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Top 10 Things NOT To Say To Parents

 —  July 21, 2010 — 3 Comments

Posted By Kurt Johnston

10. “Don’t worry about it.”
9. “I may have misplaced the sign up sheet that had your credit card number on it.”
8. “I’m sure if we left your daughter at camp there was a good reason.”
7. “Um…about that minivan we borrowed.”
6. “Sheeesh lady, how many meds does one kid need?”
5. “I know you’re disappointed, but he’s only copying the behavior he sees modeled at home.”
4. “If I were you….”
3. “Calm down.”
2. “The average parent only spends about 15 minutes per day with their child, and I’ve noticed you seem to be falling WAY short of an already embarrasingly low bar.”
1. “I know older people like yourselves don’t usually understand teenagers, that’s why you have me!”

Kurt Johnston

Kurt Johnston


Kurt Johnston leads the student ministries team at Saddleback Church in Southern California. His ministry of choice, however, is junior high, where he spends approximately 83.4% of his time.

3 responses to Top 10 Things NOT To Say To Parents

  1. Actually had to say 7…..that was a rough day. Good way to make amends though…pay for the brake damage that we caused on the vehicle out of our own pocket. We made the mistake. We screwed up. Family accepted the apology and the church appreciated how maturely we handled the situation. I was really scared since it was only our 2nd month in this position too.

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